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METAPOR® – Products For Vacuum Clamping Systems

In the vacuum clamping industry, drilling and channeling of vacuum plates is widely used. This technology has been proven for years, however, the process is quite time consuming and expensive. Applications with porous sintered materials are limited due to high cost and complex machining requirements.

METAPOR offers new possibilities as a result of its easy machining properties. METAPOR vacuum clamping devices permits holding of parts without deformation. Since there are no drill holes or channels, even sensitive parts show no deformation. Static jam while ejecting can be eliminated using compressed air, which creates a smooth and even air cushion.
For vacuum clamping devices, products with different air-permeabilities are available.
METAPOR CE 100 WHITE is advantageous for vacuum clamping devices for fixation of sensitive materials, like very thin films ( 0,01 mm ) or parts in the semiconductor industry (e.g. wafer-plates ). Air permeable vacuum clamping devices are especially suitable for engraving of flat objects.
METAPOR MC 100 AL is used for devices showing complex shapes and for complete surface coverage, to clamp parts and films without any deformation.


- Even vacuum on the entire surface
- Deformation-free fixing due to micro-porous surface
- Economical construction; no drill-holes needed whatsoever
- No pore closure after machining


- Plane clamping worktables, printing tables, measuring tables, clamping inserts within compression moulds
- Profile clamping vacuum supported form grippers for complex tools, trimming of thermoformed parts

Clamping device for cheque cards, made by WITTE

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