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Fast and low cost tooling

METAPOR machines faster than aluminium, and since it is naturally porous, there is no need to drill holes for vacuum. METAPOR has to be machined dry, without any coolant liquid using sharp tools made of HSS or carbide with edge angles as for aluminium.

Best results in milling 3D geometries have been achieved with following paramters:

Cutter Type: SANDVIK, 6 mm ballnose, uncoated
R216.42-06030-AK10A H10F
Speed rpm: 7750 min -1
Stepover: 0.05 mm
Feed per tooth: 0.05 mm
Coolant: compressed air

METAPOR is available in square slabs of 500 x 500 mm with thickness ranging from 10 – 420 mm.

HD 100 HL, HD 210 HL, CE 100 WHITE are also available in slabs of 1000 x 500 mm

Larger dimensions up to 3500 x 2000 mm can be bonded upon request.

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